Gaslight Baker Theatre, 216 S Main St in Lockhart




  • THE FILMS OF MASIHA ABOUALIMr. Abouali is an itinerant philosophy instructor for teens & children, where he engages in filmmaking & theater.

  • CINEMA, THE ONLY SHELTER (11min) - A classroom of blind children stage an outsized protest to demand their principal transport them to the uniquely life-giving movie house; 

  • THERE IS NO JUDGMENT (11min) - The boys square off against the girls in a highly anticipated soccer match, but victory isn’t always determined by the final score ;

  • BY ORDERS OF A SOCIETY (11min) - The wishes of a 9-year-old birthday boy are beyond the reach of what his cake’s candle can grant ;

+ THE FILMS OF OMID MIRZAEI - Mr. Mirzaei is a writer/director who thrives in short films with sparse dialogue, heavy stakes & arresting cinematography.

  • HERMIT (15min) - A disheveled recluse, dwelling in a forsaken desert stretch, encounters a drop-in visitor; 

  • I AM AMERICAN (15min) - ISIS captures an American reporter & it’s not the U.S. Army who will rescue him



Total: 1hr 3min


12:30 PM: OH THE HORROR! BLOC pt 1: the feature

  • THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN (Brooklyn, 1hr 22min)
    Two lifelong buddies must unravel the circumstances that led to a cadaver in their bathtub in the wake of a holiday party.

Followed by Q&A led by horror filmmaker Ronald Mercado, with co-director Danny Schluck & actor Brandon Delany;


3 PM: OH THE HORROR! BLOC pt 2: the shorts

  • SLEEP (ATX, 5min) - Ensnared in the chaotic threshold of dream & waking life, a man must confront his raw, buried self ;

  • GHOST OF THE DEADLANDS (Odessa, 7min)  –– The Lone Wolf rouses from a campfire for the arrival of post-apocalyptic scavengers ;

  • ALONE (Washington, 11min) –– Riley’s weekend with his girlfriend in a secluded cabin takes a devastating existential stumble ;

  • RISE OF THE DEAD: THE UNDEAD HEART (Boston, 11min) - TEXAS PREMIERE –– Cured from the zombie plague, but how contagious is the allure of Alyssa’s old flame? ;

  • YEAR ZERO (Austin, 17min) –– A soldier sent back in time encounters an era & place utterly unknown ;

  • BLOODSHED (Canada, 13min) –– Riddled in guilt after his wife’s death, Getty converts his shed into a bloody altar via his gruesome hunt for Redemption ;

  • METTLE (Snyder, 13min) –– Mistaken for dead after a brutal attack, this protagonist is, in fact, alive –– & she’s awoken with an unshakable objective ;

  • THE SHADOWS ARE UPON YOU (Lubbock, 13min) –– A lovebird couple’s reunion gets interrupted by a home invader ;

  • THE MAN FROM BOGGY CREEK (Arkansas, 27min) –– A doc digging into the legacy of indie horror director Charles B. Pierce.

Afterward, horror filmmaker Ronald Mercado will lead a Q&A with Robert McDorman, writer/director of METTLE; Scott McKinnon & Paul Glover, co-directors of THE MAN FROM BOGGY CREEK; Bradley Garcia, director of THE SHADOWS ARE UPON YOU

Total: 2hr 1min



  • VINYL NATION (San Fran/ATX, 1hr 32min) 
    A documentary dig into the resurgence of vinyl records, the diversification of vinyl fans, and the connective power of music.

Show a receipt from nearby Bluebonnet Records for free admission!

  • SHADE ON ME (Indonesia/CA, 4min) - Groovy lo-fi animated short by North California audio/visual collective Thelen Creative.


Masur Gallery, 119 W. San Antonio St (two-block walk from theatre)



Spellerberg Projects joins forces with ICOSA Collective for a group exhibition featuring the latter’s members, as well as work by San Antonio artist, curator & zinester Suzy González

Craft beer courtesy AquaBrew & craft pizza courtesy Loop & Lil’s. Also sponsored by Center for the Study of the Southwest at Texas State University.



THE JOURNEY OF MONALISA (Chile & NYC; 1hr 30min)

Upon migrating to NYC from Santiago, Iván transforms into Monalisa, a “gender-neutral two-spirit” playwright & sex worker, simultaneous maneuvering amid hard drugs, raw art & the U.S. visa process. Sponsored by Mano Amiga.

Preceded by CHESTY & OPAL (Missouri, 11min) –– Two grizzled burlesque legends, Chesty Morgan & Wild Star, reminisce about the good ol’ days of dancing in the 60s & 70s.