With all due respect, the conspiracy theorists & anti-science crowd can stay the hell home. The pandemic is real. Our film society has collectively lost multiple loved ones to COVID deaths, so we will be requiring masks where possible. We’ve purchased a pair of ail-filtration units to run at our venues, & we’ll have sanitizer on hand, & we’ll wipe down appropriate surfaces to encourage safe conditions. 


The Gaslight Baker Theatre will never surpass one-third it’s seating capacity. Other Lockhart venues are smaller & those wary may want to exercise caution. Unlike other days & venues, due to the governor’s decision, we are unable to mandate masks on Sunday in San Marcos at Texas State University, but they are highly encouraged & we will sneer at those who without good reason refuse, likely assuming your family just didn’t raise you right, to value other people, &/or you were a pitiful science flunkee &/or continue to be a misguided misanthrope who needs serious help in life.


If you are able to get the vaccination, but haven’t, by all means ignore the Russian trash propaganda aimed to harm Americans lives, proliferating mass illness & death, and get the dang jab already – if not for you, then for others, damn it!