* Lost River will be held simultaneously in San Marcos & Lockhart on Saturday & Sunday. *




Gaslight Baker Theatre, 216 S Main St



  • HIS STRETCH OF TEXAS GROUND (Buda, 1hr 40min)
    Intrepid Sheriff Joe Haladin must confront a pernicious enemy, whose vile violence has gripped & terrified the town of Arlettsville. Writer & executive producer Ralph Cinque in attendance for Q&A! Presented by Load Off Fannys



  • [SPECIAL] FRIEND (Spain; 8min) - Pedro’s fallen head over feels for someone, but Mom won’t accept the relationship, chiefly since his new boo is invisible ;

  • EVERY MONDAY (Myanmar; 6min) TEXAS PREMIERE - What’s the link between two women: one, sexually aroused in a hotel room, the other dejected at home? ;

  • OUR PAIN (Iran, 10 min) - With a lover’s support, our protagonist is ready to transition gender & their father can neither understand nor stop it ;

  • RENDEZ-VOUS (Iran, 15min) - Upon migrating to Canada, Navid & Baran face marital troubles; how will he react when, at long lost, she swings open that closet door? ;

  • ONE LAST NIGHT IN AUSTIN, TEXAS (24 min) - In town from NYC, a closeted Black student shares a final & fateful narcotic-fueled evening with white fraternity bros 

Total: 1hr 2 min



  • LA LUCHA SIGUE (Honduras; 1hr 6m) In Honduras, perhaps the world’s most dangerous place for land defenders, the Lenca & Garífuna people are not backing down. They fight to uphold their spirituality & ways of life despite assassination threats by state-backed narcos & megaproject corporations who are destroying their land & endeavoring to erase their existence. But the struggle continues…  www.berta.copinh.org

  • YOU ARE ME & I AM YOU (Ecuador, 15 min) Short doc of an indigenous midwife in the High Sierras, Carmen Cumba, who’s devoted her life to supporting women, through ancestral medicine & gender equality advocacy.


Presented by Mano Amiga

Followed by Q&A, led by Juania Sueños of Infrarrealista Review, with Melissa Kirkendell, director of YOU ARE ME & I AM YOU

Total: 1hr 31min


  • TODO EL MUNDO (TX; 7 min) –– WORLD PREMIERE;  Claymation music video, resculpting the creation story & the naturalness of migration, for an unreleased single & title track of Kiko Villamizar’s forthcoming album ;

  • DOCUMENT ED (Colorado; 20min) –– A crew of undocumented students craft vignettes of immigrant activists who are living in houses of worship throughout Colorado, in defiance of federal enforcers ;

  • LLAVES (California; 4min)  –– A requiem for families torn apart by the nation’s crackdown on immigrants, presented as an animated doc narrated by a mom whose family has been harshly affected;

  • ESPERA (TX/MX; 15min) –– In a makeshift camp just south of the U.S. border, asylum-seekers await immigration appointments indefinitely while the “Remain in Mexico” policy stalls their hopes ;

  • CALL THE PIGS (Mississippi/North Carolina; 3min) –– Fuses footage of neo-confederates & anti-racist demonstrators in Mississippi, against a tune from punk outfit Totally Slow ;

  • FIGHT BACK! (Arlington, 6min) –– A feisty, love-soaked protest anthem from the people of Dream City, Texas; 

  • NOT JUST ANOTHER DAY (Cali, 16min); In 2015, aspiring chef Lionel Tate was one of 142,000 Black Americans arrested for pot possession.  Facing felony charges, sudden homelessness & crippling debt, his story reflects unequal impacts on people of color from cannabis criminalization, while in other parts of the nation predominantly white business owners rake in serious profit from a booming, legal industry.

Q&A led by Nataly Avendano, immigration coordinator for Mano Amiga, & Karen Muñoz of SA Stands -- with Emily Grooms, director of ESPERA & Kiko Villamizar, director & musical composer of TODO EL MUNDO

Total: 1hr 05min

Presented by Mano Amiga



  • AT THE READY (TX, 1hr 38m) A few miles from the Mexican border, teens at Horizon HS in El Paso are already training to become Border Patrol agents & law enforcement.  As they grow to realize the dream job may be at harsh odds with their morality –– & the lives of those they hold most dear –– young recruits grapple with identity & ethical responsibility against a backdrop of savage family separation. Debuted at 2021 Sundance Film Festival! 

Followed by Q&A with Producer Hillary Pierce

Q&A led by Rogelio (Roger) Ramirez, coordinator of Detention Visitation & Monitoring for Laredo Immigrant Alliance

Presented by Mano Amiga.


Lockhart Arts & Craft, 113A N. Main St (two-block walk from theatre)

9 PM:  POETRY NIGHT & JOURNAL RELEASE w/ Infrarrealista Review

  • The literary mag unveils to the public a new edition, in a night that features performances by Lilith & Sarah Tijerina; special readings by San Anto poet Jacinto Cardona & La Otra Voz legend Juan Palomo, topped off with live music by Kiko Villamizar!

    Sponsored by Center for the Study of the Southwest & Mano Amiga





San Marcos Public Library, 625 E Hopkins Rd



  • THE TRADITIONAL BRAZILIAN FAMILY: KATU (Brazil, 25min) A filmmaker returns a dozen years after several Eleuterio do Katu indigenous individuals were profiled, as adolescents in 2007, to see how their lives have evolved.


  • CAPTIVATED: THE ALLURE OF CARNIVOROUS PLANTS (NY, 1hr 19m) Some plants not only trap & consume prey, they affect their admirers’ lives in diverse ways: inspiring art, cultivation & scientific study.

12 PM -2 PM: KAMISHIBAI, a children’s activity with Diana Garcia

  • A kamishibai is a wooden structure from Japan. By sliding pictures in & out, stories are read to children –– a sort of pre-technology manual slideshow. This cultural artifact demonstrates a linkage to storyboarding, a key element of film-making. Diana Garcia, local teacher & longtime Cinema Club member, will read a kamishibai tale & have materials for children to make mini-kamishibais & storyboards.



  • COWBOYS WITHOUT BORDERS (TX, 1hr 23min) An exploration of the heritage & culture of ranch work throughout the Americas, from Argentina to Montana, led by a 6th generation Texan, Gastón Davis, who will be present for Q&A after the film, led by Sam Benavides of Mano Amiga.

    Sponsored by Gil’s Broiler

Cowboys Without Borders.png


As Hays County officials contemplate decriminalization of cannabis locally, & San Marcos celebrates one year of enactment of Texas’ only Cite & Release Ordinance, these films examine the needless harm & wasted opportunities of cannabis criminalization, followed by a panel of policy experts.


  • GREEN REVOLUTION (San Anto, 14 min) - Interviews with cultivators, policymakers & scientists reveal an impending global  implication of the budding cannabis industry ;

  • LEGALIZE TEXAS: MAKING THE CASE FOR CANNABIS (TX & Colorado, 40 min) - TX State Senator Roland Gutierrez ventures to the Centennial State to document the multifold benefits of legal cannabis, not just to entrepreneurs but military veterans, patients & their loved ones, craving the best possible medical care for healing & recovery ;

  • NOT JUST ANOTHER DAY (Cali, 16min) - In 2015, aspiring chef Lionel Tate was one of 142,000 Black Americans arrested for pot possession.  Facing felony charges, sudden homelessness & crippling debt, his story reflects unequal impacts on people of color from cannabis criminalization, while in other parts of the nation predominantly white business owners rake in serious profit from a booming, legal industry. Take action here!

Total:  1hr 10min


Followed by a panel, co-sponsored by Texas Cannabis Collective, with LEGALIZE TEXAS director Nicco Vasquez, NOT JUST ANOTHER DAY director Ricky Rhodes, Sarah Minion of the Vera Institute of Justice, as well as State Senator Roland Gutierrez & State Representative Erin Zweiner; Q&A led by Sam Benavides & Eric Martinez of Mano Amiga


San Marcos Skate Park, 625 E Hopkins Rd

5-9PM WHEELZ & REELZ, a BMX spectacle

Sponsored by Bike Farm, Empire BMX & simplecitydesign


8 PM:  “HOMELESS TRASH” bmx video from 1994, hosted by Stevo Ornelas, who is featured in the film

9 PM: Free screening of FOREVER, with filmmaker John Butler in attendance