* Lost River will be held simultaneously in San Marcos & Lockhart on Saturday & Sunday. *



San Marcos

Texas State University

Performing Arts Center Recital Hall, 430 Moon St

(paid-parking garage a block uphill; free street parking on Moon St & nearby –– theatre will be on 2nd floor)



  • TILDA (SMTX; 7min) –– A girl awakes with unmatched self-confidence, leading her down a pathway of love & acceptance hitherto unknown ;

  • HEARTLESS (Bandera & SMTX, 14 min) –– In the wake of tragedy, a young cowboy evades a man-eating monster from his past ; 

  • JAYRO (Houston, 15min) –– When a 7-year-old Texas boxer steps into the ring, the pressure of the fight isn’t the only thing on his mind ; 

  • HOMICIDAL CRIMES (ATX, 14min) –– A detective duo goes rogue to capture a local serial killer ;

  • MESSENGER BOY (San Marcos; 13min) –– In a surreal universe, our protagonist must transmit a special communication ;

  • GET SOME SLEEP (ATX, 12 min) –– A lonely young lady is advised by her sketchy therapist to sleep with the first man she encounters, who ends up being considerably elderly ;

  • TAKE ME HOME (SMTX; 27 min) –– An action-packed thriller whereby a skilled op must unanticipatedly safeguard a young girl at risk of harm.

Q&A led by film-industry veteran Randy Polk, including Robert Cantu of HOMICIDAL CRIMES

Total: 1hr 42 min

Sponsored by the Texas Film Commission



  • EVINCED (SMTX, 2hr) - A fledgling lawman & his reporter wife must contend with a freaky & surreptitious oracle figure whose gruesome predictions continue to inexplicably transpire.

    Followed by Q&A with writer/director Richeler Aladin



  • NO LOSS//NO GAIN (SMTX, 1hr 38min) An anti-corporate vigilante takes hostages in the bank at the corner of Ranch Rd 12 & Stagecoach Trl ––  this self-styled Robin Hood promises fortunes to the victims if they comply, but is his altruism at gunpoint too good to believe?

    Followed by Q&A, led by Tom Copeland (former director of Texas Film Commission & film studies program at Texas State University), with writer/director Christian Rousseau


Gaslight Baker Theatre



  • THE LONG STRANGE TRIP BACKYARD (Port Neches, 10min) ––A wayward Southeast Texas fellow gobbles down a dash of psilocybin ;

  • SIDESTEP (ATX; 11min) –– Our protagonist finds herself torn between the learned bustle of NYC & the familiar dance floors of her beloved Texas homeland ;

  • TEJANO NIGHT (ATX; 13min) –– While at a family gathering in South Texas, an awkward Mexican-American, Mijo, is forced to tag along with his cousin to a local bar after butchering his pronunciation in front of his family.

  • HOTHEADED (RGV; 3min) –– Instructing her raging son on the criticalness of regulating one’s emotions, his unique gifts are also revealed ; 

  • SILENCIO (San Anto, 8min) –– A raw reality of his loved ones’ depravity pummels Franco Dañado, a professor who’s failed to cultivate the All-American family ;

  • I KNOW WE’LL MEET AGAIN (ATX, 11 min) –– A dark animation of a man who attends his own funeral & shares final moments with those people who made up his Earthly family ;

  • CHANGING TIDES (Webster, 8 min) –– A woman’s beachside reflection & recollection of life & its learnings;

  • COUNT THE WAYS (Houston, 5min) - WORLD PREMIERE –– From the legacied poem, given a modern theatre-aesthetic twist ;

  • SLEEP (ATX, 5min) –– Ensnared in a chaotic threshold of dream & waking life, a man must confront his raw, buried self ;

    Total: 1hr 13min
    Sponsored by Texas Film Commission

    Followed by Q&A –– led by Lindsey Ashley, Deputy Director of the Texas Film Commission –– with Director Coby Rich of THE LONG STRANGE TRIP BACKYARD; director Karl Toft & actor Davy Kitching of SLEEP; & director Fatima Hye of COUNT THE WAYS --



  • BAD GIRLS (ATX; 14 min) –– A vital view of unsung Austin luminary Jo Carol Pierce & her 70s-era one-woman musical analyzing religion, sex & Texas ;

  • EL CAMARONCITO (San Anto; 6 min) –– A medley of diverse oral histories –– a Tejano Hall of Famer, a comedian, a rapper & others –– weave a tapestry of West Side folklore: a diabolic dapper dancer, with feet you wouldn’t believe ;

  • EMMA TENAYUCA & THE 1938 SAN ANTONIO PECAN SHELLERS STRIKE (San Anto; 13 min) –– A kids-tailored yet nonetheless adult-edifying look at the strike leader whose huge triumph won improved labor conditions for 10,000 nut harvesters, many of them women & children ;

  • YOU’VE SUCCEEDED: THE LIFE & TIMES OF DIMAS GARZA (San Anto; 60 min) –– An unforgotten icon of Chicano Soul, doo-wopping Dimas Garza propelled SA’s Westside Sound onto a national radar, as frontman for The Royal Jesters among other indelibly dulcet musical outfits of the period ;

Followed By Q&A with Director Anne Lewis and Producer Laura Varela for EMMA TENAYUCA & THE 1938 SAN ANTONIO PECAN SHELLERS STRIKE; Director Anya Swanson & Cinematographer Tania Cattebeke of BAD GIRLS; and Director Arturo Mireles of CAMARONCITO

Total: 1hr 33min
Presented by the Center for the Study of Southwest at Texas State University, as well as Lilly’s Bar & Grill