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 Price Center 
222 W. San Antonio St

10 AM - Four Continents Short Doc Bloc: true stories of our modern planet

  • BRAVO MARCEL: THE CENTURY CLIMBER (22min, Switzerland)

    • ​Still climbing the rope’s sharp end at 99 years of age, Marcel Remy heroically demonstrates one is never too old to achieve one’s goals in climbing & lead an inspiring life.


    • ​An invitation by artist Bortier Okoe to explore his Ga-Adangbe roots & how it influences his music career & journey as a cultural ambassador.

  • WHO’S HE? (9min, Peru)

    • ​Using found footage, filmmaker Víctor Mendívil contemplates others with the same name, both beloved family & those unknown. U.S. Premiere!

  • THE LAST WILD RIVER (12min, Arizona)

    • ​An optimistic conservationist teams up with a jaded record holder to tell the story of the Verde River, among the state's last free-flowing rivers.

Total Runtime: 49 min


11:30 AM - Myanmar & Nigeria Bloc: alternating shorts, just because

  • IMMORTAL ROSE* (19min, Myanmar)

    • ​After Myanmar’s coup of February 2021 – & the military meeting peaceful protest with killing & imprisonment – this documentary follows a teen into the jungle for her duty of armed revolution.


OKUNKUN LO* (5min, Nigeria/Nevada)

    • ​In a turbulent enclave along the great African Savannah, two contrasting victims of man’s unbridled greed & blind quest for power find themselves allied for survival.


    • ​A man & woman, in a romantic tryst in Burma, awaken to a beautiful morning the first of February, 2021, oblivious to that day’s earth-shattering military coup.

  • JUST LEAVE (20min, Nigeria)

    • ​Samantha intrepidly navigates an escape from her husband’s violence in a way that will preserve her dear children’s safety.

  • ALMOST LOVE (18min, Myanmar)

    • ​A love triangle is complicated when each party decides to get rid of someone else. Warning: Film contains unclothed actors in adult conversations & situations.

      (Note: If you enjoy these films from Myanmar, do not miss  our Closing Night screening on Sunday of WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WOLF!)

Total Runtime: 1hr 10min


1:30 PM - Ukraine Bloc

  • ANIMATED DIARIES OF WAR: COFFEE (6min, Boston/Belgium)

    • ​Drawn from an April 2022 interview with Olha & her daughter Milana, who survived the first several weeks of invasion in their home of Sumy.


  • CAPTAIN BROVARY (18min, Ukraine)

    • ​This mockumentary features documentarians who, in chronicling war in the Kyiv region, stumble across a real hero – a narcissistic local who possesses superior strength.

  • MARIUPOL DEFENDER (27min, Ukraine)

    • ​Roman – a 20-year-old fighter captured by Russia & imprisoned for weeks, who lost a hand & leg in April 2022 – nonetheless remains steadfast in commitment to country & cause.

Total Runtime: 51min


2:45PM - Life is But a Dream Bloc

  • COLORLESS ROAD* (36 min, France)

    • ​Exhausted, Lucien & Manon cross a deserted, hostile land in search of a new home – until Nature traps one in the day, the another in the night.

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 10.42.17 PM.png

  • ERIK (23min, Albania)

    • ​Erik finds himself in a school & immediately crushes on a girl named Ela.


Total Runtime: 59min

4 PM - Faith & Fatih Bloc: a varied mash-up


    • ​“How can the creator of the universe be smaller than me?” Black Latine practitioners of a myriad of faith traditions, around the world, examine dynamic identities & journey for a home.


  • FATIH THE CONQUEROR (15min, Turkey)

    • ​On someone else’s wedding day, Fatih huddles in a car in the parking lot, contemplating the far-fetched prospect of marriage to Ipek, his buddy’s sister.

Total Runtime: 42min

5 PM - U.S. Narrative Shorts Bloc

  • TOUCH OF MAGIC* (25min, Louisiana)

    • ​An elderly magician, at risk of losing his home to foreclosure & his wife to a debilitating stroke, gets a second chance at redemption with a last-minute act of bravery.


  • DEATH BY KING CAKE (16min, Louisiana)

    • ​For Daisy to attain acceptance into a Performing Arts School, the admissions director first must consider her family’s ties to pro wrestling, blackmail & a deadly plastic baby.

  • TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS (16min, Cali)

    • ​Darroll, himself a product of the foster-care system, is tasked by his mentor to return to Journey House, a group home for teenage boys, to track down a runaway.

  • OVERDUE (15min, NY)

    • ​A magical chance encounter gives Maureen & Jason glimmers of hope, discovering a shared past & a connection that brings light to darkness in their lives.

  • MOUTARDIER (8min, Georgia)

    • After the top dog's mustard goes missing, the newly hired gofer relives his exchanges & uncovers the truth.
      Followed by Q&A with YOUR UPTOWN HOYA Director Jeff Lukeski

  • YOUR UPTOWN HOYA (5min, Baltimore)

    • ​A man is dropped on an island to train with the greatest thieves of all time. World Premiere!


Total runtime: 1hr 25min

Followed by Q&A with YOUR UPTOWN HOYA Director Jeff Lukeski


7PM - OPENING NIGHT: THE GETAWAY (1973 – 2hr 3min, Texas)

On 50th anniversary of the release of this classic & locally shot Steve McQueen heist thriller


After a bank robbery in downtown San Marcos goes awry, Doc McCoy & his wife Carol (Ali MacGraw) flee for Mexico with double-crossing criminals & throngs of police in hot pursuit.

Introductory words from Elizabeth Crook, acclaimed writer in whose home Director Sam Peckinpah stayed while THE GETAWAY was filmed in San Marcos

The Texas Film Commission will be on hand to create a video archive of San Marcans’ experiences with the production of THE GETAWAY a half-century ago; all who wish to share a memory are encouraged to contact. 

9PM - Garden Party in front lawn of Price Center

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