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Price Center, 222 W. San Antonio St




GLORY & INJUSTICE (California, 8min) Texas Premiere!

When a custody petition arrives, a 13-year-old girl must break her dad, Lord Injustice, out of a depression or they will lose each other forever. 


LOSING IT (Austria, 10min)

Suddenly deprived of the tool upon which he principally depends, a fraud information worker travels back in time to thwart the loss.


PETE HATES THE DODGERS (California, 11min)

A protagonist who abhors L.A.’s baseball team reaches a crossroads when Jenny, the amusing new gal at work, invites him to watch the World Series.



A cat-and-mouse game ensues when a man faces his greatest enemy: a cigarette.


UNCUT (California, 19 min)

When a political party overtakes the U.S. obligating all men over 35 to undergo vasectomies, Jamie flees for Canada ahead of his momentous birthday.


KOLD (Denmark, 19min)

A summer romance takes a drastic turn when skinny-dipping threatens literal heartbreak.


THE 24 (Arkansas, 29 min)

Once a year, climbers from across the world converge at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Jasper, Arkansas to test endurance in a legendary 24-hour competition.


Total runtime: 1hr 44min


12:30 PM - THE LAND OF AHIMSA (Friendswood, TX; 1hr 30min)

Dolly, descendant of a freedom fighter in India, spreads the vegan gospel nationwide of alternatives to the cruelty of animal agriculture.

3 PM - LAST RADIO CALL (San Anto, 1hr 7min)

The wife of Officer David Sterling pours over bodycam footage to uncover what happened the horrifying night he went missing in the abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital.




preceded by THE TELL TALE HEART (Utah, 22min)

A psychological ride adapted from Edgar Allan Poe’s original text. 

Total runtime: 1hr 29min


Followed by Q&A with Producer Cynthia Bergen & Actor Keekee Takatsuki (LAST RADIO CALL)




ANT & HUMAN (Turkey, 12min)

A soldier and an ant encounter one another, taking refuge from war in a shared cave. 


MY FRIEND ALPACA (Ukraine, 6min)

On New Year’s Eve in Kiev, nine-year-old Anya tries to make peace between her parents. 


HAPPY (Russia, 39min) Texas Premiere!

Born to Guinean and Russian parents, Happy is one of the few Black people raised in the USSR; this documentary reflects on his life, from meeting his estranged dad to trying his hand at gold mining in Africa.


OCEAN WINGS (California, 12min)

Amir and his daughter Fatima embark on a perilous journey to escape 90’s war-torn Syria.


A DEAD SEA (Israel, 13min)

A Palestinian man, living with autism, visits the beach with his sister to seek seawater treatment for his medical condition – but the tourists’ intentions are tragically lost in translation. 


CONFLICT (Georgia, via Palestine, 12min)

An Israeli soldier interrogates a Palestinian prisoner, prompting mutual revelation that each could just as easily be in the other’s shoes.

OPERATION ZEUGUNG (Oklahoma, 19min) 

An effeminate German teen fights for his father's approval, a frightening Nazi officer.

Total runtime: 1hr 53min

Followed by Q&A with Director Bruno Barranco (OPERATION ZEUGUNG)


7:30PM - ANHYZER (Seguin, 40min)

A round of disc golf for four friends sets off major change in each of their lives. After frustrating results bring the gang to their local watering hole, each takes drunken risks that both bring them closer & lead them back to where they started for a second chance.


Followed by Q&A with Director William Windle & Director of Photography Rebecca Woods


In this stoner comedy filmed in San Marcos, collegiate baseball players in the 1980s explore the freedom & responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood.

Sponsored by Planet K, Hometown Hero & Aqua-Brew,

with free giveaways & craft beer available for your enjoyment!

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