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Texas State University

Studio inside Live Oak Hall

Screening Room, #206

157 E Sessom Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666
(look for the red balloons)

10:15 AM -  Lone Star Shorts Showcase Bloc 2

  • BROTHERS KEEPER BOOK II (15min, San Anto)

    • A troubled teenage boy is adopted into a dysfunctional family & offered up for drug ransom.

  • WHAT IF THEY KNEW (10min, Lubbock)

    • Five of our Constitutional forefathers take the chance to see America in 2025.  Months later, they are sent back to 1789 to decide about their burden of knowledge from the future.

  • PENULTIMATE EXAM (11min, Houston)

    • On the date of her exam, Frances encounters a series of horrible circumstances that prevent her from completing it. Against all odds, she is determined to pass with flying colors.

  • TABO (10min, Richmond)

    • A young man attempts to get through one night alone in his home as he struggles to avoid grieving over his mother's death.

  • PIT STOP (10min, Hurst)

    • After a difficult kidnapping, two friends stop in the middle of nowhere to refill on gas.

  • MADISONVILLE (10min, Huntsville)

    • An Army veteran from California breaks down in the rural East Texas city Madisonville & finds help from an older stranger. U.S. Premiere!

Total runtime: 1hr 6min

Followed by Q&A with MADISONVILLE Director Jared Carver & WHAT IF THEY KNEW Director Thomas Hendrick


Noon - Another Day Bloc​

  • THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY (Corpus Christi, 1hr 8min)

    • ​The town's richest man is missing, & P.I. John DeWitt has been hired to find him. But as the clues unravel, finding him might prove to be deadly.



    • ​At Horizon Research Systems, we pride ourselves on helping you achieve the life of your dreams - the life you deserve. Also, we may owe you a few apologies...

  • THE CEDARS (10min, Dallas)

    • ​A multimedia artist takes the viewer on a “tour” of Dallas’s marginal suburbs, seeking out hidden treasures amongst the city’s architectural ruins and "trash."

  • NORMAL (8min, Kyle)

    • ​A seemingly ordinary middle-aged man harbors a parasitic relationship with his only friend: his evil split personality.

Total runtime: 1hr 30min

Followed by Q&A with THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY Director Pablo Schmitt

2 PM - Terrifying Texas Bloc 1​

  • MISTER CREEP (1hr 7min, San Anto)

    • ​Three college students stumble upon a secret television broadcast of a deceased serial killer & search for its location.


  • THE ART OF DYING (12min, San Anto)

    • ​In 1994, a man follows mysterious coordinates from an automated caller that leads him into the dangerous crosshairs of something much bigger.


  • THE ART OF DYING (12min, San Anto)

    • ​In 1994, a man follows mysterious coordinates from an automated caller that leads him into the dangerous crosshairs of something much bigger.

  • STATIC (16min, Dallas)

    • ​An emotionally detached man confronts an ancient cosmic presence that changes the past, present & future.

  • CIVIC DUTY (ATX, 14min)

    • ​In the not-so-distant future, “patriotic duty” is taken to extremes when society shifts to draft the masses to keep the elite alive.


Total runtime: 1hr 49min

Followed by Q&A with CIVIC DUTY Directors Andrea Furedy & Teri Harwood, MISTER CREEP Actors Judy McMillan and Brian Anderson, as well as THE ART OF DYING Director Justin A. Rodriguez

4:30PM - Terrifying Texas Bloc 2​

  • CRITIC (Austin, 1hr 20min)

    • ​After savaging a reclusive Director’s new film, a disenchanted Critic finds himself invited to dinner with them, where their match of wits soon turns into something far more sinister. 


  • BRAN-DON OF THE DEAD (6min, College Station)

    • ​According to Brandon, living alongside zombies actually isn't really all that bad.



  • NIGHT VISIT (5min, ATX)

    • ​A woman is followed home by a menacing creature that visits her after dark.



  • SPECTRAL WIND (12min, Taylor)

    • ​To prove a paranormal phenomenon, a parapsychologist must convince his psychic wife, who quit her job due to a traumatic experience, to help him one last time.

Followed by Q&A with NIGHT VISIT Director Joseph Santa Cruz & Producer Kate Patterson, as well as BRAN-DON OF THE DEAD Writer/Producer Rhoda Brooks

Total Runtime: 1hr 43min

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